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IP address is the most used IP address after D-Link and Netgear are the router manufacturers who use this IP address predominantly. The use of this IP address is to enter the configuration page and do further settings. IP address and are the same type of default address but used by different router brands.

When you need to enter the configuration page and do some settings in your router then you should use this address. By typing in your web browser you will able to reach the configuration page of your router. Also, you need to put username and password according to your router brand. Generally, Netgear have the username as admin and password as password and D- Link has both username and password as admin.

It’s highly recommended to modify the password to make your network secure and to protect the outsiders to establish a connection with your network and modify the settings.

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) means a numeric code that recognizes a unit within the network. For instance, your device such as a laptop, mobile, tablet as well as website.

Indeed, every website is connected with an IP address which uniquely locates in the world of internet. So, there lands two data to your modem when you enter the Google address on your computer.

  1. The IP address of the individuals who requested to see the website. (Your Computer)
  2. The website you need to visit (Google).

Public and Private IP address

These are the two types of IP address.

Opposite to the private IP address, public IP address is made to access over the internet. The public IP address is the unique IP address allocated to a computing device. The public IP address is always unique and visible to everybody who has set up a connection to the internet. (

The strength of the private IP address is it can be entered from home pc only and it is not made to use on the internet. Getting access from the outer network is not possible. Private IP address specialty is different networks can use this address but in the same network there can’t be two IP.

Private addresses are used within local lanes and are not propagated to the internet; in this way, all the PCs you have at home can have their own IP without having to use public IP that is scarce (and therefore paid). ]

There is a lot of private IP address but and are the most used to modify the router.

Be careful: Always type which is correct. But if you type “o” instead of “0” then it will become 192.168.o.1 and which will never work and bring you in trouble. 22 250 4068 27094

Everywhere security is needed. In today’s time without security, it is very difficult. But in this article, you will learn about router security. As we know that we have to log in every time when we need to do router configuration for different reasons.

It is very vital when it comes about router security. All you need to do is make username and password for security reasons. But if you forget your username and password of your router then you may be in trouble. Though there are the ways where you can solve this problem in a systematic way.

There are a lot of router manufacturing companies who bring out their routers with the range of to They also provide their own default username and password when you purchase it. To make your network powerful and secure its recommended that you should modify the default settings.

After changing the default settings you make your network secured but if you forget your username and password then what will you do?

Don’t worry. Follow the steps to reset the router IP address username and password.

Follow the steps

As you can find various types of routers and their reset buttons are also different. Some routers include reset buttons and some of them have reset holes. But what you have to do is the same on both kinds of routers. Shut down your router first and press the reset button or use pin for reset hole for 10-15 seconds. And your router will be reset.

  • Log in to the router is the initial step in order to request for the administrator password Here you need the administrator password to login to the router and reach admin panel and place the 6-15 digit passwords. Along with this, you have to do this precisely. Uncertaintly if you don’t remember or forgot the password then simply reset the administrator password to login to your router.
  • If you don’t remember the password which you have changed before then make certain to reset the router by typing the new username and password. By doing this definitely, it will assist you to reset Forgot Router login details. (username and password)
  • Presently you need to put the administrator login if you have previously changed the username and password before. It will make a new password so that you can log in simply. This will make another watchword and you can sign in effortlessly. But if you have changed the password before and you could not remember then you need to reset the router by accessing the admin login. These are the easy steps which you should follow to reset the password comfortably.

Note: default login details (all lower case)